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The King is dead, all hail the new King...
Dear users, readers and developers.

As of now( 13 aug 2003 ) I no longer support core-lan-org and declare it dead. It was fun working on it and it was even more fun working with you all around the globe but the time has come for me to move on.

Lucky for you the successor of core-lan-org is out and is maintained by Andrew Simpson. It's a spinoff of core-lan-org but currently is has surpassed it's parent and is now mature enough to work on it's own. You can find it at .

The reasons for this desicion are multiple but it has to to with the fact that updating ancient software takes more time then I currently have. Opensource is nice to work on, but as a developer I only have a limited amount of time to work per day and I'd like to eat too .. :-P

Thank you everyone,
Dennis Fleurbaaij
core-lan-org developer and admin